Screen Print Weekender Print Course

This two day course will give you all the in depth skills to create film and paper positives and multi layered photo silk screen prints.

Day one covers how to convert black & white and colour photographs using our brand new A3 scanner and Adobe Photoshop; working with half tone pattern and splitting CMYK channels to create detailed positives to transfer to your screen. We will also go through the process of preparing, coating and exposing silk screens ready for print.

Day two is focused on the processes of printing; setting up the vacuum screen bed and registration, printing a set of 10 A3 limited edition fine art prints in up to three separate colours on 270gsm acid free paper. We will also cover fine art editioning protocol, giving you a set of professional art prints to add to your portfolio, exhibit, sell or well, whatever you like!

Suitable for: any level of ability.

What to bring with you: any projects you might be working on, artworks you want to translate into print, photographs you’d like to update and print or anything you like; really, it could be anything from a wall paper sample to a film poster, the limit is your imagination!