Print for Good & The Lab

The Print Room are very excited to announce a new working partnership with Print For Good and The Lab.

The Lab create things to do with music, design, art and other limited edition items that they want to share with the world. Being creative and geeks at heart, The Lab are interested in every detail of what we produce. From ideas behind the products you see, to the packaging it reaches you in.

The Lab also run Print for Good, producing quality printed items for sale with profits going to good causes. With their passion for print, along with wanting to support charitable organisations, Print for Good was born. Their aim is to collaborate with artists, designers, printers, thinkers and crafts people to produce exclusive and limited edition printed items.

The Print Room are delighted to provide print services to both Print for Good and The Lab and we’ll bring you more news on a limited edition print by Sarah Hardacre soon!

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