G.F Smith Paper

The Print Room are delighted to announce their partnership with G.F Smith to bring you the best quality papers for your printing.

G.F Smith are a leading paper manufacturer and offer a wide range of papers and services, from the Colourplan system to embossing, duplexing and a new Make Book service, allowing you to create your own books and portfolios to the highest possible standards. And as manufactures of paper, they can offer a fully bespoke service, producing the sizes, colours and quantities of paper you want.

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1885 Onwards

In 1885 George Fredrick Smith turned his obsession with paper into a company. Nearly 130 years later, thanks to hard work, exceptional skill and loyal customers, his company continues to grow. But just as George began his journey through discovering new papers in new lands, so today we are exploring new papers, new ideas, new applications and new markets. The best, and the papers that ignite our ever-ready passion, well collect and present to the world tomorrow.


gfs_custodian_mark_1_0 G.F Smith Paper

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GF Smith Paper Wall from GFSmith on Vimeo.

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